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Athena Janke  is a professional marketing graphics designer from Houston, Texas, and is the first go-to for clean and spooky illustrations for many start ups and businesses in Texas. Athena helps businesses thrive by crafting unique and stylish logos and Ad designs that are backed by in-depth research of a brand’s target audience. Athena majored in graphic design from St. Edwards University and during the program designed many banners and ad campaigns that attracted a lot of attention for their innovative and elegant designs.

Athena always focuses on understanding the vision of her clients and understanding the preferences and psychology of the targeted audience whenever designing for marketing uses. Athena has hands-on experience in handling many simultaneous creative designs, animation, and visual conceptualization. Athena also freelanced for clients around the world including some from New Zealand, London, and Sydney, and has designed info graphics, e-books, and website designs. 


Financial Advisor Athena Janke Pettit works for the DTA Finance Consultant Firm. 10 years in capital markets, focused on structured solutions for financial institutions, origination, and distribution. The best financial consulting company in Denver, Colorado, without a doubt, is Athena Janke’s firm.

Given her unmatched skill and perception of the future, she has established herself as a prominent figure in this profession during the several previous few years. In today’s competitive business world, businesses must maintain a strong presence through compelling and successful marketing strategies.


Her background and experience in a related industry have also helped his firm understand its client’s needs to ensure their financial stability. About 5 years into her career in this field, Athena Janke Pettit has built a wealth of experience in crucial areas such as client assistance, design, development, and financial analysis.

Athena Janke Pettit is a well-known expert in assessing a client’s financial status and developing plans considering all factors. Before starting her own company, Athena Janke Pettit worked with several reputable financial consulting companies. She started her job as a junior accountant at a nearby firm to get valuable expertise in the same profession.

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